In the state of deep consciousness inside ourselves,there is a door of infinite possibility
to connect with the source of the universe of ourselves.

VOYAGER TAROT ALCHEMY will facilitate and promote awareness in order to live a life of co-creation
which is a combination of individual "Me" and great "Universe"

"Yourself,as you are".

Not try to booming someone else,but returning to true yourself simply.
VOYAGER TAROT ALCHEMY is a process for you to shift to new way of life in order to connect
with your Spirit again by unifying,feeling and body.

Lerning VOYAGER TAROT ALCHEMY will be a wonderful expeience for you to recognize
that hat VOYAGER TAROT CARDS show you the true meaning of your life
and help you to understand yourself more deeply.

Life is a beautiful creation !

It's Art of yourself !

VOYAGER TAROT ALCHEMY will support for you to create your own way of life
with deep confidence in the learning and growing process of your Soul.

From Dr. James Wanless, Voyager Tarot Creator and Director

of the Voyager Tarot Institute Worldwide….

“ Voyager Tarot Alchemy is Voyager!
This organization upholds the spirit and values of the Original Voyager Tarot.
The teachings of Voyager Tarot Alchemy are of the highest quality.

They offer an amazing set of classes that enable every student
to have the competence and inspiration to become a Voyager
of their own lives and use Voyager Tarot
as a professional Reader, Coach and Teacher.”

Voyager Tarot Alchemy is committed to furthering the enterprises of the Card Deck Voyager,
which on its continual mission is to explore strange new Worlds, Wands, Cups and Crystals
to grow ourselves and live our destiny.

Voyager Tarot Alchemy seeks out new answers to tough questions,
to boldly see what no man or woman has seen before.

Onwards, Voyager !